I'm sorry for a post like this :-(

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Written by Hulann am 12 Jun 2001 11:14:51:

I have nowhere else to go to to seek support until Bc comes back online.

First of all being a registered Sex offender really sucks big time.
Just to let you know that I have experienced for myself tonight that if someone wants to target those on the list with violence that unless they actually kill you the police won't do squat. Oh well next time I guess I'll fight back instead of laying in hope that the violence won't go unpunished.

I was aproached by two guys who wanted to settle a score because of my arrest in 1994. Interesting that they want to strike out with violence in the name of my victim when in fact the boy I was arrested and charged with in 1994 who is now 18-years-old lives with me and his father in our home. He has no problem with what took place back then and now feels so sad that I have to go through all of this sex offender registration stuff.

Two hours at the police station yielded just what I figured it was after all their word against mine. Thier story was that I went over to to his house to pick a fight with them (He lives across the street) I later found out it was a big rock that smacked me on my left ear knocking me to the cement driveway bleeding.

According to the cops my two options are.....

1) To move-- (What a joke that would be!!! If violence comes from a neighborhood where almost all of them knows of my background as a convicted sex offender and many have instead of condemming me have shown much needed support except for this one BOZO then where the hell can I move to. I certainly don't think I can move to anyplace in the grand old U.S.A. (One of just a handfull of nations that still shovels out Capital Punishishment)


2) Get an order of protection against the neihbor and Video tape anytime I'm outside on my property so that when Violence does happen again I can present Video evidence that will dispute thier pre-made up story. I already have the capability of doing such Video doccumentaion even in total darkness but I already am starting to wonder of what if It was one of them that got hit with a big boulder in the head. Certainly I can assume that I would not be able to wander the street bragging to all the neighbors that they almost settled the score against one of the worlds most hated persons in the U.S.A. today.

Life does suck as a convicted sex offender and sometimes I just wish that my life was over.


Seeing that I just got back from a vacation of a lifetime staying at an all gay male clothing optional resort having the time of my life with my partner of 14 years. My guess is the guy across the street would have to finish the job he started by killing me. When he does it will be on Video but what diffrence would that be for me if the police got the evidence they needed to press charges. With my luck the tape will propably be accidentally erased and a medal placed on the Bozo across the street for doing his part of making the streets safe again for boys to go out and play.

I may have gotten beat or should I say stoned tonight but they won't stop me from striving for a life as a boylover in this modern hell hole called the U.S.A. Hey on a lighter note I just got stoned for the first time in over 15 years hee hee those days have long past when I used to do drugs and drink myself into oblivian. Those days I did drugs to escape living life as a boyloveror as the only term I had for back then was pedoplhile. As my head is hurting right now at least I can say I'm not running away from my problems or in the words of a group Sucidal Tendences "I'm not anti-society...Society is anti- me" this is no longer true anymore because of all the friends I know have because of places like boychat

{{{{{HUGZ}}}}}}} to all and thanks for reading up to this point


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