A hate crime is a federal offense

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Written by boyBooster am 13 Jun 2001 03:31:12:

As an answer to: I'm sorry for a post like this :-( written by Hulann am 12 Jun 2001 11:14:51:

I would see a lawyer and get everything done against your neighbor that you can. When they figure out that they will be chief suspects if anything else happens to you they might back off. See if you can get a restraint order with a few hundred feet of separation between them and you, they may be forced to move.

BTW - I have seen an anti-BL person go from violent to being friends with a BL guy.

The fact that you live with the boy you supposedly harmed so many years ago just proves how big a farce these laws are. He is with you even after all the brain washing he had to go through.

Also the fact that you experienced a violent reaction after being a registered sex offender might be part of the ammo we need to get these laws struck down.

Sounds like you are an important person to the cause.

-- Boost, I promise.


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