Do you bake?

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Written by Dusty am 12 Jun 2001 23:28:59:

As an answer to: I'm sorry for a post like this :-( written by Hulann am 12 Jun 2001 11:14:51:

Hulann, why not bring them a batch of cookies,
you could immediately turn enemies into friends for life.
Well, it would work on *me* for sure.
Mind you, these need to be good fresh-baked cookies.

Also, how do you get on with your other neighbors?
Maybe they need some cookies as well. Their support
could prove very useful as possible witnesses to
any vandalism or assault.

All things considered, these goons would need to
be pretty stupid to try anything, seeing as how you
know exactly who they are and where they live--
in fact you would probably find out that the police
and courts take a VERY dim view of unwarranted
vigilantism. But let's hope you DON'T have to find out!

Good to see you in these parts! As you can see,
many of the grizzled BC old guard have seen fit to
camp out here for the duration, so I hope you will feel
right at home and stay a spell.



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