Now you KNOW it wasn't thoughts that killed Matthew Sheppard

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Written by Sensitive Stephen am 13 Jun 2001 05:09:04:

As an answer to: Not yet it ain't written by Rahiim am 13 Jun 2001 05:00:03:

I agree that it's a tough line to walk sometimes between protecting free speech and protecting an individual's human rights. I agree that there should not be such things as thought crimes, or perhaps even crimes of inflammatory speech (although words DO matter and words DO hurt).

However, fists and stones and bricks do cross the line, and when such violence is specially motivated by hatred of someone who is somehow different, or in a minority, there should be some special provision in law to give some protection and to act as a possible deterrent to other ignoramuses.

You and I are playing for the same team, though, so I suspect we don't disagree all that much. :o)

--Sensitive Stephen


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