DVD's expensive I don't think so

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Written by Hulann am 12 Jun 2001 12:32:50:

As an answer to: I don't do DVD just yet but... written by PPC/KPK am 12 Jun 2001 01:10:23:

If you have priced new DVD players theses days you can pick one up for just about $200.00 and as for the DVD's the cost is not very much more than Video versions and in some cases can be cheaper considering that most Videos start out priced for rental these days which is in the $90.00 up range. If I'm not mistaken "The Sixth Sense" was a good example of this since The video was released as Priced for rental while one could have pre-ordered the DVD for about $18.00 or so. My dad has gone to DVd's because of this factor of Video versions being priced much higher than thier DVD counterparts. Also the many features that can be present on a DVD -- such as Closed Captioning for the hearing impared, Audio comentaries, Trailers, Games, Deleted Scenes and other bonus materials makes the DVD's in my opionion much more cost efective than any Video version out there. I highly recomend going out and buying a DVD player one can always rent DVD's from the local Video store if the cost of owning a DVD is considered way to high you won't be disapointed by the quality that a DVD brings to your t.v .


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