DVD continues to grow

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Written by Sensitive Stephen am 12 Jun 2001 12:56:21:

New article from "DVD Reviewer":


DVD continues to grow

Forget Russell Crowe, Julia Roberts or Arnold Schwarzenegger, the biggest star of Hollywood is DVD with rising sales setting the cash registers ringing at movie studios, despite the format being just four years old.

Mike Dunn of 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment said "The beauty of it is that DVD is very sexy right now".

This excitement comes on the back of the explosion in the popularity of DVD players in the last year – a report from the industry’s DVD Entertainment Group (DEG) in April said that the industry forecast that 27 million DVD players would be in American homes by the end of 2001. PricewaterhouseCoopers predict that half of American homes will have a DVD player by 2005, a total of 52 million machines.

This growth is helped by the release of the Sony PlayStation 2 and the forthcoming Microsoft XBox, which will not only add new households, but in many cases put two DVD players into homes.

DVD Entertainment Group (DEG)DVD Entertainment Group have also reported that there are 10,000 titles now available on DVD, a figure that is growing rapidly every week, as readers of our weekly roundup of new releases will know.

As far as software sales go, Gladiator has now sold 5.4 million copies on DVD, reaping in approximately $100m in revenue for DVD sales alone – an enormous financial boost to studios, especially considering that profit margins run at 50-60%. DVD sales are quickly overcoming the trusty VHS cassette too, with experts predicting that 2002 will see a 50/50 split between the formats, signalling the end of years of dominance for analogue tape. Hurrah!



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