I don't do DVD just yet but...

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Written by PPC/KPK am 12 Jun 2001 01:10:23:

As an answer to: written by Sensitive Stephen am 10 Jun 2001 18:41:42:

Hi SS,

I still have wagon full of VCR tapes and have a VCR so I am not being ready to trade it all in for a new and more expenisve DVD device and DVD CD-ROM discs. It's still being new and being too early for me to do that and waiting to see if it'll do well for the customers, like maybe in a year or two from now.

Beside, what happened to that old Willy Wonka man, is he still being alive or what? And to that blond boy who won it all out at the end with him too? That movie is over 30 yrs old, you know.


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