Uh, I'd image them doing their "funny stuff" when being left alone.

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Written by PPC/KPK am 11 Jun 2001 21:12:20:

As an answer to: Boy actors who shared a trailer written by Sensitive Stephen am 11 Jun 2001 20:24:50:

In their trailer. Ya know what I mean. :-) I mean... They're just being boys, right? I mean, what if they stripped down be... In their trailer. Uh, ya know, and looked at each other.

Just that I don't forget my old days when I was on TV shows at age of 12 and we went to some camp in another state and naturally, I did seen some boys did their "funny stuff" in the cabin that I was in. But for me, I had my 1st experience when I was with another same age deaf boy in a different cabin. I guess boys could just fool around then some of them go be straights and some others aren't as they age later.

No offense intended,



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