Wasn't with my old TV show, it was at the camp...

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Written by PPC/KPK am 12 Jun 2001 16:44:17:

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All I saw was a naked deaf 12 yrs old grabbing the beam in the ceiling and swung around with his big **** wiggling, showing it off to the boys in the cabin I was sleeping in. The same one who I had my 1st experience with, in another vacant cabin. And... Uh, I don't remember that much but had seen some boys peeking over the walls into bathroom and looking at other boys, some sitting on toliets and teasing them. I did the same thing.

What's more, some deaf boys from my old school did the same thing at YMCA's locker room while changing our clothings for swimming pool. Well, one cute boy (About 10 yrs old) tried to **** in the urinal place totally naked. Another one had mooned his *** at someone else wide open and said "Do you see any hair up my ***?" And some of them do stuff I just don't remember except they were looking at each other and occassionally whipped each others' ***** with wet towels, sometime up where it really hurt.

And also at old school place, I knew that a few of them did went with some girls in some back rooms or at old barn and do their stuff. I did the same with 2 girls but... Only my fingers on their **** and up their ****** (And phew, they should wash their...), and that was all. And I wasn't crazy about that anyway. But I did little more with a few deaf boys there so... And knew that some few lesbigay g/b's did the same thing with same sex there. A few times, I'd follow a deaf gay teenboy to a restroom and do our stuff there and then only one homophobic teacher just gently approached me and said "That's not healthy, you know?" *chuckle* but he never had interfered with it.

I don't even forget about the time we had some sex education class there and once when being alone with a deaf gay friend in after school hours empty classroom and found that very rare sex education book that showed all pics of naked g/b/m/w's, including gay men doing their thing too. While we do our stuff there. But that book had just vanished mysteriously later on. (Note: the reason that book is rare because it contain "KP" pics that are not being allowed by today after 1980's in any sex eduacation classes.)

All while at around same time when I was in a TV show... Just good memories, and sometime I'd like to go back to that again because it was a lot of fun for me by then than now at my age being limpd**ked bored with nobody cute. I am pretty sure whenever I see those kids, epecially deaf ones at my old school by today and they may be still doing it. Well, it's just being normal at their young age when they want to sneak away to someplace and fool around with each other. Without prudish adults or teachers knowing about it.

Hope no offense to S.S., I am trying to avoid saying something that's too graphic here. Am I?



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