I've seen "Kids Songs"

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Written by Sensitive Stephen am 10 Jun 2001 06:00:54:

As an answer to: Kid Songs TV show written by Daddy Man am 09 Jun 2001 22:46:07:

Hi, Daddy Man. Welcome to B.O.Y.S.

I've seen "Kids Songs" a few times. I like the "music videos" they filmed in the swimming pool or on the beach. :o)

I don't know of any websites dedicated to this show, but I haven't looked for any, either. If I get a chance to tomorrow I'll poke around for some.

Lyndsey Bartilson (not sure of spelling) was one of the kid "hosts" of the show, and she is featured as the teen daughter "Lily" in the current hit TV show (on Fox network) "Grounded for Life."

At least one of the boys from "Kids Songs" has gone on to other things. Does anyone have a guess which boy? Hint: he was in the last season of "Kids Songs."

--Sensitive Stephen


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