Introducing Brady Kimball

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Written by Sensitive Stephen am 11 Jun 2001 05:04:51:

As an answer to: Tune in tonight! written by Sensitive Stephen am 10 Jun 2001 18:40:39:

That's Brady dead center of the "Kidsongs" cast (final season), with the multicolored striped shirt. He also played the studio production director in the "behind the scenes" segments.

If you follow the link to his IMDb page (which does not mention his stint in the cast of "Kidsongs"), you'll see that he also appeared as another famous red-haired boy actor. :o)

This is a rare picture from "Kidsongs." It looks like it was taken during the production of one of their better "music videos" -- "Barefootin'," which was set at the beach. :o)

I haven't found any other good pictures from "Kidsongs," but I hope this will fill in a bit of the void for now.

--Sensitive Stephen


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