I need to take some time off, guys!

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Written by Sensitive Stephen am 14 Jun 2001 13:41:19:

I've got a real-life deadline looming, and I've got to concentrate on this other thing I'm doing for the next week. I'm planning to exercise some uncharacteristic self-discipline and refrain from posting to Internet boards for the coming week. Once I get finished with this other thing, I'll be back, boring you with media boy news and dull pictures. :o)

Don't think my silence means that no one is watching the board, though. Think of me going into "read-only" mode for a week. This board will be monitored as regularly as always. If any trolls come bumbling along, rest assured that they will be dealt with promptly.

I hope you will all try to keep the discussions going. Link arms in friendship like the boys in the photo above (you all know this movie, right?), and I'll be gazing up at your smooth armpits and doing perverted things. :o)

If I get finished early, I'll be back early, but I think I might need a full week before I'll be back to posting. It's not that I've lost interest, I just have this other thing that needs my full attention for the time being.

Thanks to all!

--Sensitive Stephen


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