stunning scottish film with decent boyage

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Written by kabouter am 14 Jun 2001 10:24:52:

I watched "My Life So Far (1998) last night and was mesemerised. The brits do this lyrical, romantic film very well in this case supervised by David Putnam.

The Life in question is 10 yr old Fraser's played ably by Robert Norman a pink-and-white scot who is tres fetching in a kilt (and often as not in his undies).

Fraser observes with a keen eye the antics and peccadilloes of his large Scottish Upper class family at their country home in the Highlands in the 1920's. Fraser is also tuned in to the sexual side of life as he explores his grandad's hidden treasure of nude ladies on postcards, and accompanying texts. This makes for hilarious cinema at the festive meal table as Fraser suggests that his mom, aunt and grandma work as prostitutes to augment the family income!!!

Lots of nice Fraser in his undies, (yep right under his kilt) and a fine glimpse of his jewels. A cool skinnydipping scene with him and his two brothers albeit brief is also entertaining.

Catch My Life So Far and relax for an enjoyable 97 minutes. Its pure BOY and cute boy to boot.


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