River was DSD at 20......

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Written by kabouter am 13 Jun 2001 09:49:06:

As an answer to: River Phoenix written by boyBooster am 13 Jun 2001 04:09:24:

DSD = Definately still Doable.

By coincidence I was enjoying River in Love you to Death (1990) last night, in which he plays a hippie youth who becomes a reluctant accomplice to murder. He plays opposite the excellent Tracey Ullman who is not american.

The film is a decent romp, entertaining with the added I-candy bonus of River@20.

I also loved him in My Private Idaho - but hey! how on earth can a film open with shots of a sex god like River getting a blowjob....

That was a kleenex moment for this little boylover who as ever finds his AOA swerving all over the freeway...


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