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Written by PPC/KPK am 11 Jun 2001 16:56:10:


Sorry if it's off the topic. But I have just quit on your dysfunctional BL community completely for my own sake after waging the battle with the impersonators, who some of you had believed in what "I said" as a fake PPC, and even Sheesh had gone being Judas on me because of that too. And seeing Kabby's board being down too. I didn't contributed to any your board demise... No idea how many of your had went down. I just heard that Echols had planted KP links on some of them that had contributed to their demises. I am being ruined for good by those impersonator *bleep* too. No wonder why some of you doesn't want me to be around anymore.

It's all so crazy, with some of you and those creeps in between. I am hiding right now and taking a very long break away from it all by right now within last few days. And may will continue so indefinitely. It'll do me some good in taking some stress off me just so I can live with my own RL and focus on dealings with myself and my own RL baloney without all of that.

It was like almost an end of all for all of us. At least I am glad to see this B.O.Y.S. staying be alive and well, and more sane than at other boards.




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