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Written by The Poor Farang am 11 Jun 2001 02:05:34:

No, it is not a boy movie, per se. But it is a movie about a boy in a class of movies that certainly interests me.

When you live out here in the middle of nowhere, you get a good satilite hook-up. "Jaundiced Eye" is on and playing, right now. It's a 1999 documentary movie. I found it by searching the channel directory for all gay titles.

Plot? This is the true story of the arrest conviction of Stephen Matthews, a gay michigan dad, and his father Mel for sexual child abuse of Stephen's 5-year-old son. Both me go to jail, because of justice-system homophobia and the hateful interaction of the boy's mother.

San Francisco Chronicle review of the Jaundiced Eye

Internet Movie Data Base on the Jaundiced Eye

What a movie to watch, on Father's day!

The Poor Farang


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