Has anyone ordered from Rewind Motion Pictures?

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Written by Wil43 am 10 Jun 2001 07:07:15:

Hey! This is not a commercial but an honest query.

I spent some time at Rewind Motion Pictures and finally decided on the Bloopers Reel and Nathan's Gift #1.

Has anyone ordered from these guys and what's the quality.

Duh, I shoulda asked first, but the cost is nominal.

The mission statement seems admirable.

I will not imbed the url, but just list it here.

The last stuff I ordered like this was Yankee product featuring Joe Schibelhut and I couldn't even sit through it. OK filmmaking, but the story was just slow as hell.

It seems like Rewind makes up fairy tales (or horror stories) and stuff and then films them.

Rewind is at: http://www.rewindmotionpictures.com/

Hey, this is boys on your screen, so the subject matter seems to fit. If no one has seen this stuff, I'll report back in a month or so when the films reach me.



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