Finnish boy star polls more than Mischa Hakkenin

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Written by kabouter am 09 Jun 2001 16:58:38:

a massive celebrity in his native Finland 12 yr old Konsta Hietanen is little known outside northern europe.
Ina recent poll in Finnish schools Konsta averaged more votes than racing driver Hakkenin and itis not hard to see why.

This kid is gorgeous, a real Nordic, shocking blond and blue eyed. He is also 100% boy a street scrapper, bike-riding hellion! He has also enjoyed a successful career as a singer.

He was cast in Poika ja ilves (1998) in the lead role of Tomi a grieving boy wrenched from his home city to live in the wilds of Lapland by his recently widowed father. They work together on a projact to return a lynx to the wild however the park decides instead to sell the cat. Tomi thwarts them! YAY!

Konsta has a natural and lively talent to go with his good looks. The film is down-to-earth and unsentimental. Not all the adults understand or like children. They drink too much, and quarrel. Tomi is not a goody-goody. He confronts his father and uncle repeatedly with his youthful insights into their folly. Not behaviour that would be encouraged in the west between an adult and a child.

Its a good film. It's a good BL film, where again blond Konsta is in 95% of the action. Its a film about a boy and love, in this case with a wild natural entity.

Its a film that works. I recommend it heartily.



ps it has even been dubbed by the original actors into Burgereaterese for the benefit of the monolinguistic and released as "Tommy and the Wildcat"(1998). So you have no excuses really :)


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