With the deluxe and delightful Tyler Hynes as Atreyu

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Written by Dusty am 09 Jun 2001 02:38:02:

As an answer to: New Neverending Story written by Don am 08 Jun 2001 10:22:07:

from the National Post 4/14/2001 on the Young Artists Awards--

TYLER HYNES, 14, is in Montreal filming the new series The Neverending Story.
As Atreyu, he will do all his own stunts, including riding a horse.
An actor for more than six years, he says the best part of his job is "getting to experience
what it is like to live the life of different characters." Tyler, who won his YAA for the role
of Scotty DeSota in The Other Me, counts Brad Pitt and Edward Norton among his
favourite actors. ("The best movie I have ever seen is Fight Club.") His advice to
aspiring thespians: "Have fun and be natural."



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