Kikujiro; a review

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Written by boyBooster am 09 Jun 2001 01:55:54:

Naked Statues, now thats a game I'll have to remember. I don't recall seeing this movie on any lists before. Its about Masao, a 9 year old Japanese kid who has been abandoned by his playmates for the summer. A friendly neighbor assists in a scheme for Masao to see his mother who lives far away by sending him away with her indolent husband. Their journey is met with many sideroads and distractions. A curious scene occurs when Sensitive Stephen entices the young Masao into the park after dark. This is a fun and pleasant movie, rent it if you get the chance.

Masao is seen a couple of times in his underpants. For those with a zoom button, the interesting bits can be seen in the park scene. Turning up the brightness on the television helps with this.

-- Boost, I promise.


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